Digital strategy

Digital strategy is the foundation of the basics. There can be no mistakes here. A well-planned strategy based on a deep understanding of consumers and the digital communications market is the basis for good results and accurate forecasts.

Media planning

The area is no less creative than design! The media planner has dozens of tools at his disposal. Finding the best use for each of them is real creativity. What is the result of this creativity? Low price of contact and exact hit to the target audience.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective tools, because it is an advertisement of those products and services that the user is looking for personally. Digital agency QMEDIA works with the Google search engine, social networks Facebook and Instagram. High-quality targeting, the use of all possible remarketing and retargeting tools, multiplied by the analytics and call-tracking systems installed on the site, allow you to achieve excellent results.

Display advertising

Banner advertising, video advertising, branding, RTB, Programmatic in-text advertising. QMEDIA Digital Agency has a myriad of media advertising tools in its arsenal that will satisfy the needs and needs of any client. The purpose of media advertising is to increase brand or product/service awareness, inform the audience of promotional offers, special offers, brand new products, increase demand, sales.
An integrated approach in choosing channels, the correct setting of the PR, multiplied by a common strategic approach is the result of the successful achievement of marketing and business goals of clients.


Digital agency QMEDIA provides analytics services for ongoing and conducted advertising campaigns on an ongoing basis in the process of cooperation with clients. The use of modern tools, the implementation of web analytics systems, a professional look at the situation, the study of behavioral profiles and interaction scenarios of the target audience, usability analysis, etc. allow us to constantly optimize processes and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We help our clients to create, test, develop and improve their online presence based on insights gained through various metrics.


If you have a desire to stand out in a social network among many brands, contact QMEDIA Digital Agency. It is here that you will be offered a symbiosis of creativity in design and copywriting, it is here the best brand pages in the Facebook and Instagram are born, and it is here that we masterfully create a brand promotion strategy in the social network so that the client receives a high-quality audience of subscribers for effective communication.

Web-site audit

Every site should be reviewed regularly, but it is especially important to conduct an audit before creating a new website or starting a new advertising campaign, and even more so before starting an SEO promotion. Digital agency QMEDIA offers an individual website audit (technical audit, seo audit, content audit). As a result, you get a complete report on the health of your site and offers that will help you improve your online presence and end up with a healthy, functional multi-channel marketing tool.

Web-site development

A team of designers who masters the art of UI and UX, and a team of programmers who are composers of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP codes, various CMS systems, testing and working with content – such symbiosis gives rise to truly excellent working modern products of various degree of complexity in the form of web sites, e-shops, business card sites, promo pages, landing pages and other software products.

Skillful project management, analytics and planning at the early stages of the project help to set priorities correctly and meet deadlines, while the right selection of the QMEDIA Digital Agency team and the definition of technical requirements allow you to speed up the work on the project and complete it efficiently.

WEB/UI design

Creative design is the key to a successful project. A team of designers who master the art of UI and UX, follow web design trends and use all the innovations in practice – this is about us.

Digital agency QMEDIA offers exceptional UX design solutions that give users the best experience when using your website, software, Facebook pages, banners  and other services.


SEO is a way to increase your site’s ranking in search engines like Google. And QMEDIA Digital Agency offers not just SEO, but SEO marketing. We combine on-site optimization with off-site tactics to create effective strategies that don’t lose value over time. Through our website checks, in-depth keyword research, carefully crafted content strategies, we get quality results. After all, the success of our clients is our success.

Content marketing

Every brand needs a targeted content marketing strategy to succeed online. Digital agency QMEDIA can prepare your brand/website/social network for high-quality web experiences using professionally crafted content.

We audit content, create a strategy, plan content volumes, create and implement marketing materials in content. As a result, your product works for marketing purposes for the benefit of your business!


Persons with abilities of copywriting, who can express a thought or opinion, can briefly formulate the essentials, can artistically underline the meaning of the global thing, who can write an article in such a way that you’ll want to see in the end “…to be continued..” – all these persons are our editors, copywriters, who work on the clients’ projects as well as in the editorial office of the online magazine ГАЛАКТИКА 40+.